General Survey of Large-scale Land Subsidence by GACOS-Corrected InSAR Stacking: Case Study in North China Plain

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Published in Proceedings of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences, 2020

Xiao, R., Yu, C., Li, Z., Song, C., & He, X.


Satellite-based InSAR (Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar) provides an effective way to measure large-scale land surface motions. Currently, the atmospheric phase delay is one of the most critical issues in InSAR deformation monitoring. Generic Atmospheric Correction Online Service (GACOS) is a free, globally available and easy-to-implement tool to generate high-resolution zenith total delay maps, which could be used for InSAR atmospheric delay correction. The mean velocity could then be estimated by stacking multiple GACOS-corrected interferograms. We applied the proposed GACOS-corrected InSAR stacking method in the North China Plain and analysed its performance. Within the 549 interferograms, more than 85 % gained positive correction performances. The correlation between the phase-dZTD indicator and the performance reached 0.89, demonstrating a significant relationship. Deformation maps revealed by InSAR stacking with and without GACOS corrections showed that GACOS could mainly remove the topography-related and long wavelength signals.

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