GACOS related programs (for use with GACOS)

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This is a collection of programs/scripts to apply and to check the GACOS atmospheric corrections.

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2017-07-01: download

If you need to downsample or oversample your interferograms or the GACOS atmopsheric corrention, please use:
A collection of binary image editing programs


./ inpfilename ztd1filename ztd2filename elevfilename
inpfilenmae : input interferogram, a inpfilename.rsc is needed!
ztd1filename: input GACOS ztd day1 filename, a ztd1filename.rsc is needed!
ztd2filename: input GACOS ztd day2 filename, a ztd2filename.rsc is needed!
elevfilename: elevation angle file, must be the same size with interferogram
can be generated by look_vector in gamma
outputfile will be saved as inpfilename.gacos
!!Note, python3 is needed!!

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