InSAR robust stacking tool

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This is a InSAR time series analysis tool based on simple stacking with robust least squre (to delete outliers), including phase closure check (unwrapping error) and orbital ramp removal.

Written with C++.

Latest version

2020-10-16: Linux binary_release_download


On Linux, simply run:
./rstacking cfg

Parameters explained

  1. set filename and foldername
    • resultfolder
      • !!must be created before running!! all results and intermedie files will be stored in this folder
    • headerfile
      • an rsc style header file, must contain “WIDTH,FILE_LENGTH,X_FIRST,Y_FIRST,X_STEP,Y_STEP”
    • filelist
      • a filelist file containing all the filenames of ifgs. !!do not contain pathname, only filenames are allowed!!
    • datafolder
      • path where ifgs are stored
    • baselines
      • a baseline text file define the baseline of each ifg. !!two column text file, first column: filename, second column baseline in meter!!
  2. set predefined parameters
    • ref_row
      • row number, set to 0 to select automatically
    • ref_col
      • col number, set to 0 to select automatically
    • ref_window
      • window size to extract reference point value
    • maxcap
      • maximumn capacity of memory (pixel size), over which the ifg will be divided;
    • sigma_factor
      • phase value out of range (median-std*sigma_factor, median+std*sigma_factor) will be deleted
  3. set processing parameters
    • if_remove_orbit
      • 0: no orbital ramp removal; 1: removel orbital ramp and write out new files
    • orbit_quad_fit_sampling
      • resampling factor when estimating orbit quadratic polynomial
    • if_remove_hgt
      • if remove elevation dependent signals, which is phase=a+b*height
    • hgt_block_size
      • window size to estimate elevation dependent signals, in km
    • demfile
      • a dem file which must at least cover the whole ifg
    • demfile_header
      • a header file for the demfile, the same as rsc above.
    • if_check_loop_closure
      • 0: no loop closure; 1: check loop closure
    • loop_misclosure_threshod
      • threshod to define a failed loop closure
    • loop_misclosure_ratio_threshod
      • ratio of failed loops among all possible loops, over which there will be a mask
    • minimun_loop_num
      • only check loop closure when there are at least minimun_loop_num loops exist
    • if_allow_unlooped_pixel
      • 0:exlcude those pixels; 1: alow those pixels, unlooped means loop number < minimun_loop_num
    • minimum_temporal_ifg_ratio
      • temporal_ifg_ratio=(valid_ifg_number)/(total_ifg_number), less than which there will be a mask

Update logs

2020-10-16: add elevation dependent signal removal.

2020-10-07: published