Time convention program (GPST, JD, J2000, DOY)

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Time convertion ultility, convert input time system to all kinds of times. Valid between 1 March 1900 and 28 February 2100.

Latest version

2017-04-01: Linux_binary_release_download


[] means optional arguments, *.f means float input/output

From calender date -> caltime date year month day [hour] [minute] [second.f]
From calender day of year -> caltime doy year doy [second_of_day.f]
From J2000 seconds -> caltime j2000 j2000_second.f
From Modified Julian Date -> caltime mjd mjd_day.f
From GPS week -> caltime week week_num day_of_week [second_of_day.f]
Help info -> caltime -help

Formated Output, same for all usages

Year month day hour minute second.f doy secondofday.f wwww dow mjd.f J200sec.f

Examples usages:

From month day to doy -> “caltime date 2012 12 20 awk ‘{print $7}’ “  
From doy to gps week -> “caltime date 2012 231 awk ‘{print $9,$10}’ “  
Read input from stdin -> “awk ‘{print $1,$2,$3}’ filename caltime date “  
Read input from stdin -> “cat filename caltime j2000 awk ‘{print $12}’ “


1.GNSS – Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Hofmann-Wellenhof, Bernhard, Lichtenegger, Herbert, Wasle, Elmar

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